Providing Excellent Satellite Television Services and More

Television, the simplest form of entertainment. 

SAS Electronics proudly offers satellite television by Dish Network.

Sadly some of our favorite shows come on at the same time. Our solution... watch one  show and record the other. It is that simple with DVR (Digital Video Recorder).


Do not get stuck with dial-up or slow internet because there is nothing else in your area. One could move to the "BIG CITY" and deal with BIG monopoly. NO! Stay where you are AND get the best Internet possible. SAS, an authorized dealer for HughesNet has the ability to provide satellite Internet to any remote location. Purchase or lease, we offer more choices than just dial up.

Bundle and save... Dish Network for television, and HughesNet for Internet.

Many folks live in rural areas. BIG cable will not provide service there. We can, with satellite. It works anywhere.

Satellite Internet Again, big monopoly internet providers do not see value in rural areas. Satellite works anywhere. Problem solved!

No cellphone service where you live? No problem. Voice Over Internet Protocol. Connect your phone to an adapter that uses the internet to make and receive calls. VOIP does not use your data.

Bundles Save more when bundling TV and Internet, or Internet and VOIP, or all three. Sign me up. It can't get any better than that.

WI-FI copy

WI-FI Extenders

Cover your entire home and yard with WI-FI.


Nest Smart Home Services

Indoor/Outdoor cameras. Save electricity with Smart thermostats, doorbell cameras and Smart door locks.

Ubiquity mesh

WI-FI Extender Antenna

Cover your home with WI-FI.


HDTV Antennas

100% Free TV


Cell Phone Booster

Get more bars

TV shows, Movies, News, Live Sports and more!


I am so glad to have a local business where I can call and talk to a real person, not a machine! I have been a customer with SAS for a long time, they're always willing to listen to my concerns and help with questions, they recently installed another satellite for me- wouldn't go to anyone else!

Good deals!

SAS set up my mom’s Hughes Net recently. They were so helpful, and they took time answering any question she had. SAS is a local business that does great work!

SAS has been super helpful with setting up my satellite. They're polite, professional, and they do a great job!